Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Subsequent to the election process, Melanie Power has advised that she in unable to accept the position as a Director. Her work commitments have exploded” over the last few weeks since the process and Mel has advised that she believes it best to avoid future problems in allocation of time and her ability to give the position of Director the attention that members deserve.

Accordingly we have sought advice including from our external scrutineer who have advised it is appropriate that the next candidate be considered elected as a Director of ICB.  This is consistent with the constitution, corporations law and the process whereby the appointment of the elected directors is to be confirmed at the first meeting to be held next week.

Our Auditor, who was the scrutineer for the Election, has provided notification in relation to the appointment of a replacement Director, and has advised that Mr Rob Marshall is so elected

Congratulations to Rob, who has accepted the delayed result.

Rob joins the Board of

  • Melissa Foote
  • Roslyn Van Welie
  • Leanne Berry
  • John Birse
  • Matthew Addison
  • Rob Marshall

and Amanda Linton appointed as a Director by the Constitution in her role as CEO

The concepts tabled at the ICB Conferences around the country concerning the establishment of a Regional Advisory Board, remains a valid proposal to be considered as part of the Directors meeting next week.

Voting for the resolution of the Annual General Meeting meeting remains open until 4pm on Friday 18th April.  Click here

If anyone should have any question or concerns in relation to this appointment I would encourage you to contact our internal Governance Officer Celina McAlister at

  • 11th April 2019