Institute of Certified Bookkeepers
Recent stats from the ATO
Scam reports during 2016/17 100,907
No of people who paid scammers (reported) 389
Amount paid to scammers $2.8 million
No of websites takes down by the ATO 594

Given how frequent and inventive some of these scams are, it is important to be aware of what is happening and what you have in place to help you.

How the scam payments were made
To a bank account 93 cases of $1.4 million
Gift Cards 232 cases for $1.2 million
How the scammer made the approach
Phone 75%
Email 24%

The types and amount of scams can be convincing however, the more information you have the more equipped you are to recognise and report a scam.

How to Report to the ATO

Suspect a scam?


  • 1st November, 2017