Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

ATO has advised:

Recent updates to our online services makes it easier for you and your clients to manage payment without the need to contact us.

These updates will let you and your clients:

  • view most payment plan history information, including cancelled, defaulted and completed arrangements within the last 24 months. Activity statement payment plans finalised before January 2020 will not be visible.
  • adjust eligible payment plans when circumstances change. If your client has additional liabilities, they will need to cancel the existing payment plan and propose a new one. If the proposed plan does not meet eligibility rules, you will need to contact us.
  • cancel eligible payment plans
  • add and manage debit and credit cards to use for future one-off payments
  • make a card payment using stored card details.

You or your clients may be able to set up a payment plan online for the majority of account types, where:

  • the existing debt is under $100,000
  • there is no existing payment plan for that debt (an existing plan can be adjusted or cancelled online)
  • the client has not defaulted on a payment plan for the relevant account more than twice in the past two years.

(Extracted from the ATO website  or PDF copy)



  • 1st April 2020