Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Single Touch Payroll FAQs from the ATO.

The ATO are reporting the following questions are being asked in the 1000's so here is the answer.
• How does my client pay their PAYGW now that they will start reporting through STP?
>>> They pay exactly the same way they have for the last few years. For many they will have the PAYGW on their Activity Statements and that is the payment strategy. For Large employers they pay directly to the ATO each week as they have

• Can I have a list of all my clients registered for PAYGW?
>>> This request of the ATO to provide this list to both Tax Agents and BAS Agents is in implementation mode at the moment - so Yes but hold your breath.

• How to report quarterly for micro employers?
>>> there are two mechanisms in place that we observe at this time
1/ Employer to subscribe to one of the low cost/no cost payroll solutions which the Agent then uses once per quarter or once per month to submit the STP files.
2/ GovReports provides an Agent STP reporting solution. We are unaware of any of the other Practice management solutions that are including a Reporting solution with their persective being to do the payroll and therefore provide the STP reports through a lowcost solution.

• How do we register our client for STP?
>>>Officially there is no registration for STP. An employer just needs to start reporting. HOWEVER The process for notifying the ATO of the SID that links the software to the ATO on behalf of the employer is nearly a registration process.

  • 10 April 2019