Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

The ICB Annual Bookkeeping Survey is now available for 2018.

This survey is open to all bookkeepers! You do not have to be an ICB Member, so make sure you pass the link on to colleagues, employees, or even your accountant to complete. You have the choice to remain anonymous, and everything you say is entirely confidential.

The results from this independent survey are provided to government bodies, software companies and the education sector, helping them to understand the reality of the bookkeeping profession.

The survey will take roughly 15 minutes to complete. Should you exit the survey at any time, your progress will be automatically saved, allowing you to resume later.

Results from the survey will be published early 2019.
You can access the previous year's survey results here.

If you experience any problems accessing the survey, please contact us at

  • 27th November, 2018