Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Bookkeepers from around the world will once again come together to share a coffee and celebrate the bookkeeping profession.

This year, we encourage bookkeepers to host a social coffee meetup and raise a cup to the bookkeeping profession anytime throughout GBW!

ICB Australia has created a Global Bookkeeping Week Facebook event page, which is open to both ICB Members and Non-Members. Please use this event page to communicate coffee meetups with your local network meeting groups!

This year for #RaiseaCup18, make sure you post a photo to celebrate bookkeepers everywhere! Make sure you use the #GlobalBookkeepingWeek and #RaiseaCup18 hashtags, and tag ICB Australia in your posts. 

We encourage you to get creative this GBW and include your pets, family members and others in your #RaiseaCup18 photos! Who knows - you may even win a prize! 

Also be sure to tweet or post a photo of yourself or your network group raising a cup to bookkeepers everywhere! Join in the fun by using the #GlobalBookkeepingWeek and #RaiseACup18 hasthags, and tag ICB Australia in your posts. We can't wait to see your fun selfies and celebrating what it means to be a bookkeeper! - You might also win a prize!



  • 23rd October 2018