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The ICB National Conference is returning in 2018

“Bookkeeping 2018” delivers insights and training in the matters that are imposed into your world. Bookkeepers are at the forefront of businesses, ensuring compliance with the law, whilst providing efficient business solutions to drive success. The 2018 Conference is about developing your knowledge and skills to be the professional Certified Bookkeeper!

2017 has been a dramatic whirlwind of government liaison and initiatives that directly impact how you do bookkeeping and business from now on. The ICB 2018 Conference will draw on topics such as the development of processes to combat cyber security threats and data breaches (e.g. two-factor authentication). In addition, ICB will discuss the final implementation and operating impact of Single Touch Payroll (with the design process completed, we can now instruct you on how to apply it). The 2018 Conference will also include the ATO Operational Framework, the DTA's Trusted Digital Identity Framework, and the AG's Anti-Money Laundering.

Early bird pricing and registrations are currently restricted to ICB Members (Affiliate and above) until January 21st, 2018.

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  • 22nd November, 2018