Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

In our everyday lives we all have demands made upon us and expectations to meet. Some are set by those around us, and many that we place on ourselves. Most of the time we manage to balance those demands well but often things can in our lives can make us feel overwhelmed and unsure of what is happening around us. Identifying the triggers that can create our stress and anxiety, and then how to manage them when they occur can determine impact they will have on our day to day life.

This 3-Part Webinar Series is designed to encourage you to look around you to help identify the warning signs that it’s maybe getting all too much. How to identify what can trigger stress, anxiety and depression and some practical tips on how to manage when those triggers occur.

The focus for you to look forward to includes:

  1. 'Identifying and Managing Stress and Anxiety' – What are they and what are the warning signs?
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  2. 'Maintaining Balance' – How do we ensure that we stay well and balanced?
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  3. 'Beyond Balance' – What happens when the scales tip?

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  • 31st July 2017