Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Join ICB for a 9-part webinar series regarding all things employment!

This series of webinars will include new information that will work through the whole cycle of employment.

Each webinar will cover the various steps required, how to treat different situations and provide insight to the anomalies that cause head scratching and frustration.

The focus for you to look forward to includes:

  1. The first step is from when an employee 'Starts Employment'. This webinar will help you gain clarity on record keeping, the registered agreements, awards, the requirements of pay slips as well as the employer/employee obligation.
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  2. Moving on to 'Employment Types', covering full time and part time employees to outline the complexity of allowances, deductions from pays through to understanding workers compensation obligations.
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  3. The following webinar takes you on to 'Employee Casuals' and the many variables of tax free threshold, superannuation and how to treat this in your software.
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  4. Of course there are always 'Employee Other Types', which this webinar will take you through. This includes the apprentices and trainees, overseas workers, commission based through to volunteers and trial workers.
  5. As a natural progression, the excitement continues on to the important area of 'Superannuation'; the thresholds, Superstream, super rates and small business superannuation.
  6. The webinar series would not be complete without the inclusion of ‘All things Entitlements and Conditions’. This webinar covers annual leave and leave loading, time-in-lieu, compassionate leave, RDO’s, long service leave and all the other areas you need to know.
  7. After the preparation of setting up the employee, ascertaining the terms under which the engagement has been agreed, there is of course the 'Pay Cycle'. This webinar covers timesheet processing, medical certificates, payslips through to the other important aspects of running the pay.
  8. There is always that pay cycle with its 'Unusual Pays'. The variables of employee reimbursement, older employees, notice and final pays, LAFHA, unfair dismissal and it even covers severe weather.
  9. The final webinar enables you to gain a complete picture of your journey what happens in the final area of 'Ending Employment'. This webinar will include terminations, ETP, redundancy, serious misconduct providing you with clarity, information and confidence.

This comprehensive and thought provoking series is designed to help you remove the frustration and give you the answers to the questions you always wanted to ask. Be sure to book in early!


  • 31st July 2017