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JobKeeper 2.0, the extension, applies from 28th September - refer to the JobKeeper 2.0 Resources

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Steps to Implement JobKeeper

Based on the ATO implementation as of 2nd June.  The latest ATO guidance (continually updated - see here for ATO updates)

The Process  (Updated for June and beyond)

Employers are still able to enrol in JobKeeper for late enrolment into the months of June through to September

  • An Online form on the ATO website
  • Must complete steps 1 & 2 on the ATO Online system by the end of the relevant month of commencement

Step 1 is the employers eligibility and step 2 is to identify and maintain employees - both steps must be done by all employers once and then step 2 if there are changes

  • Step 3 is the Monthly Claim form - you must do this by the 14th of the following month to receive payment

Refer to the ICB Templates (*)

Read the Detailed ICB explanation of the Rules and follow the steps

The Implementation Steps

1. Provide Initial Client Letter & Declaration (Template)
2. Utilise ICB JobKeeper WorkBook to process business (Template)
3. Determine entity eligibility (including decline in turnover)*
4. List all eligible employees (refer details)
5. Determine which employees are eligible to
    receive JK through the employer*
    Note: you must pay to all eligible employees
6. Provide eligible Employees with Employers declaration*
7. Obtain Employee Declaration*
8. Consider advising non-eligible employees with information.
9. Re-engage with employees to establish your
    work requirements
    Review and Consider revised Award amendments
10. Employee to be paid at least $1500 per fortnight
     before claiming JobKeeper Subsidy
     Refer “How to Pay Employees”
11. Advise ATO which employees are eligible to receive JK
      through the employer
      a) Advised through STP data from Payroll Software
          – refer “Advise ATO Eligible employees” & must also complete step 2 online, or
      b) Advised to ATO through Online Services Form
12. Monthly claim & report to the ATO
        a) Actual GST Turnover for the reporting month (Best endeavours calculation), and
        b) Projected GST Turnover for the following month
13. Receive JobKeeper subsidy payments from ATO
      Refer “How to Record JK Receipts”

If business are going to enrol or report themselves - Help them get myGovID



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ATO JobKeeper Guide - Webpage for Sole Traders   PDF




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ATO Webpage - Paying employees   PDF copy

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