Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Recognition of Current ICB Members for their extra efforts to support the profession of Bookkeeping.

“Fellow” Membership is awarded to those nominated by their peers and agreed by the admissions board, to be recognised for significant contributions to the bookkeeping community. If you know a bookkeeper who goes above and beyond, nominate them for Fellow Membership. You can download the nomination form here.

Fellow MembershipSelection Criteria (one or more of the following):

  • Provided significant contribution into ICB and the membership over a period of time
  • Contributions to resources and support
  • Network facilitation
  • Bookkeepers helping Bookkeepers
  • Representing ICB
  • Bookkeeper education
  • Considered and approved by the Admissions Board

Recipients of the Fellow Membership are:

Laura Krizner Patricia McConnachie Alexi Boyd
Donna Robson Lyn Kinghan Judith Thomson
Jane McNeil Susan Gordon Mardi Tick


Sue Kapperer Cate Kemp Judith Lawler
Charles Llewellyn Kylie Nickolls Evelyn Rosa
Kamara Wagstaff Majella Zentveld  


Michelle Chantrell Jan Clogg Jeff Colby
Wendy Hughes Debbie Innes Felicity Mathews
Donna Mearns Kathy Mollenhauer Philippa Rickards
Josephine Roberts Gillian Rossouw Kerrie Smith
Tanya Spence    


Katrina Aarsman Alice Billingham Darren McMahon


Dana Byrnes Ian Chait Jennifer Creasey
Debra Fraser John Leask Nicole Parsons
Heather Shaw Rosanna Taylor Fiona Toy*
Elizabeth Wilson Lyn Wright  


Sarah Atkinson Charmene Britton Alison Dowling
Fay Eade Lauretta Finis Jo Voight


Lisa Kennedy-Jones Richard Lowe Vija Platacis
Deborah Hawke David Bowles* Kieran May
Rob Boon Carmen Morris  


Marilyn Amesbury Rhonda Ingrati Rochelle Park*
Jillian Wedmaier Chris McComb Carmen Geeves
Jo Threlfo Susan Tayler Melissa Foote
Gabriela Ornig Roslyn Van Welie Leanne Berry
Debra Jeffrey Heather Smith Kirsteen Charge
Veronica Hughes Maria Landrelli



Perla Soberon-Brittle Rick Freitag Elizabeth Haverfield
Rob Marshall Deborah Thompson Andrew Prescott
Pamela Chilman Matthew Addison John Birse
Cheryl Knight Roslyn Little Jean Stone*
Amanda Linton Vanessa West Pauline Walton
Irene Smith    

If you know a bookkeeper who goes above and beyond, nominate them for Fellow Membership.

* Membership expired