Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Essential Information for Students

Understand your journey to becoming a qualified bookkeeper, when are you required to be a BAS Agent and the requirements for registration. What are the differences and responsibilities related to being an employed bookkeeper versus a self-employed subcontractor?


Student Resources

This resource area is aimed to provide ICB resources that are specifcally engineered to assist the student achieving their Cert IV and then their career path beyond.


Applying & Renewing as a BAS Agent

The ICB guides to how to complete the TPB process for becoming a BAS Agent. What are the requirements and how to meet them?


Education and Training

Formal & Informal, Guides to Cert IV Bookkeeping and the BAS Agent Skill Set.



The latest newsletters for the profession and for business. A professions perspective and direction.


Bookkeepers Career Path

Explaining the career and scope of bookkeeping. What it is and where it can take your students.