Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Your Obligations

The Tax Agents Services Act 2009 applies a legislated code of conduct to your behaviour, requires your adherence to the ongoing registration requirements and also you must not breach the civil penalty provisions.


BAS Agent Knowledge Base

A BAS Agent specific explanation on areas of providing BAS services. How to work with clients.


Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)

BAS Agents must (be able to) maintain PII to be registered. What are the requirements and How to meet those requirements.


Continuing Education (CPE)

Continuing Professional Education should be undertaken to keep ones knowledge current and ones skills in place. CPE or CPD is a requirement of membership of ICB and also for BAS Agents.


What is a BAS Agent?

Who is required to be a BAS Agent? What are they allowed and not allowed to do? What is a BAS Service?