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ICB Technical Webinar - Cyber Security and Protecting Assets

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26 Aug 2021
12:30 PM
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ICB Technical Webinar - Cyber Security and Protecting Assets


Pauline Walton, Deborah Thompson and Rob Marshall


1. PPSR- Getting Started - What you need to know, What is it and Why do we need to know about it?
Jane Nitsche( AFSA)will take you through the basics of what the PPSR is all about, why you need to know about it and how it helps small businesses.

Chris Baskervill( Jirsch Sutherland Insolvency Solutions) willshare how the PPSR works in practice, contratual requirements for an effective registration and tips and traps of using the register.

2. Cyber Security - Conversations with Clients.

Cyber security news including data breaches, malware attacks, cyber attacks, may make our clients panic.  How can we help them, how do we talk about cyber security and protecting assets?  How do we know we are getting safe information?  Join us for a review of this important subject.

 Join Rosalie Martin (Australian Cyber Security Group) for a review of this important subject.

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