Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Paul Dunn (B1G1 Chairman) interviews Rod Drury (Xero CEO)

(The following text starts after the 14 minute mark)

Paul Dunn: Bookkeepers are more naturally used to connecting with their clients more frequently. "You guys are switched on!"

Rod Drury: Quick secret - bookkeepers do the work, they are the ones that are in sweating every transaction, making sure it is right.

In Australia, the bookkeeping community has gone nuts, bookkeeping is well organised, it has Matthew at ICB who is an icon in the industry, who is really driving that and all over the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) thing and really positive and proactive and driving that. The Australian bookkeeping industry is a really defined and well-respected tier and we are trying to take some of the lessons learnt there. Bookkeeping is a very noble profession, and actually in there helping small businesses, usually it's cost effective and what Xero are doing is to help bookkeepers scale to help many more businesses.

Bookkeeping is a super exciting thing, it is moving from just doing the numbers to really checking and making sure it is right.

Rod Drury and Paul Dunn sharing some great insights from B1G1 on Vimeo.

Dated: 14th November, 2016