Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Dear software companies,

Stop underselling your product.

The bookkeeping community love working with your products and love the efficiencies you bring us.

There are a couple of things we don't understand:

  1. Why do you undervalue your own product? It seems some of you spend considerable time encouraging us toward value based pricing or fixed fees, yet constantly we see you selling your fully functioned business management software as though it is a dime a dozen spreadsheet. The constant discounts, volume based deals and promo codes are nice sometimes, but how can we position the value that your product could deliver when your own messaging says it isn't to be valued?

    It causes us grief because the business owners don't understand why they are paying higher value for our services to utilise undervalued software.

  2. It seems your own statistics say that when an advisor, (in our biased view a bookkeeper), assists a business with implementing and using your software that it works better. You, (and the ATO, interestingly), also seem to be saying that businesses survive better and are more profitable when they engage an advisor.

    Our dilemma is the mixed message you send: on one hand you say, "Help the business do it properly"; on the other hand, you say, "You have to have more clients to be rewarded by us".

    We are very concerned with the latter message: more clients doesn't mean a better business profile for us, nor does it mean the business is using your software properly. Please reward us for our commitment to knowing and understanding your product, servicing our mutual clients and keeping up to date. Note the decreased emphasis in number of clients. We are happy to be rewarded for using more of the advanced features.

  3. We also wonder whether you are doing a disservice to the accounting profession. It seems you reward them for taking on multiple "ledgers" but frankly, all they are doing is coding from bank feeds. Your software typically is so much better than that. You are not positioning your product to them properly. Volume sales through accountants as a ledger product doesn't encourage loyalty nor 'stickability'. When the next year comes around they, will just look for the next cheap bank feed generated ledger.

Please remember we love your product because it is so much more than a ledger.

Kind regards,

Your loyal bookkeeper partners

  • Updated: 9th December, 2016