Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

ICB attended MYOB Annual Conference, this year held at the Gold Coast Jupiter’s Casino 22-23 September 2016.

Overall the event was informative on all areas of MYOB’s main products and outlining new features in development for the future. An inspirational highlight for the 2 days was Michael Crossland. He is an international speaker and engaged all participants with his inspiring story about believing in yourself and achieving the impossible dreams. He provided tools to move your mindset to positive thinking.

This year ICB was one of the exhibitors, which gave us the chance to meet in person with many current ICB members and to talk to many prospective members.

Our Connected World by James Scollay

James Scollay GM of MYOB SME spoke on Connect to Success. MYOB are investing:

  • In You
  • In Customers
  • In Simple
  • In Success

Building the Connected Practice

  • Transaction Processing
    • Auto reconciliation
    • Real time Access to data
    • New revenue opportunities
  • Compliance
    • Reduced data cleansing
    • Increased collaboration
    • Streamline statutory reporting
  • Advisory
    • Management Reporting and Planning
    • Cloud Implementation
    • Add Ons

Build the Agile Process

Build – Measure – Learn

Brand Transformation by Natalie Feehan

MYOB have researched heavily in developing a new logo. The Brand Transformation is designed to show MYOB are committed to change and development for the future whilst still being


Roadmap by Dale Dixon and Team

  • Improve Efficiency through Bank Feeds, Smart Bills and Pay Direct
  • Brand Change and Modern Change to the product

New AccountRight Look

MYOB Conference 2016

  • Consistent Login - One login for all products
  • New Features for efficiency
    • Essentials now includes Payroll categories for Long Service Leave, Time in Lieu, Public Holidays, Overtime and Leave Loading
    • Essentials - Increased reporting and Budget and Forecasting
    • Essentials - Using new search text box to bulk allocated transactions
    • AccountRight - Lodge BAS within MYOB via Preparing a BAS.  This feature has the option to prefill from BASlink and third party lodgement (coming soon)
    • AccountRight - Search Engine (see below)
  • Multi-Currency Status - MYOB are committed to providing this feature however it is still in development.
  • New Tax Tables 1st October 2016 Upgrade out early October
  • New Upgrade 2016.3 with the new dashboard view and other features released soon
  • Other features coming soon
    • Tracking codes
    • Recurring transactions
    • Improved access control
    • Receipts
    • Payments
    • Tools for partners
    • Core improvements

New Search Engine in AccountRight 2016.3

This new search engine includes a multiple options to search for your information.

New fields include:

  • Customise - Customisation Table where you have numerous fields to sort data
  • Filter - To search in each column
  • Group - Drag additional fields to sort

MYOB Conference 2016

Partner Dashboard / Connected Ledger by Paul Greenwell

Dashboard is Coming for Bookkeepers

  • Send documents securely to clients
  • Digital Signatures via client’s mobile devices
  • Quick view of status of files - How many unallocated transactions etc.
  • Gateway for clients to interact
  • Integration with MYOB Document Manager (we can’t wait)

New Essentials Connected Ledger

  • Simple online Cashbook

New Partner Program by Mereki Nieman

New Partner Program - Reward and Recognition by Points, depending on the number of points will depend on level of Partner and software available to you.

Levels of Partner Program is dependent on how many points you earn.

Silver Partner
Gold Partner
Diamond Partner

Points are allocated by recognition, referrals, certifications, online and community

1 Point - Add business to online business
1 Point - View and respond on MYOB Community Forum solutions
1 Point - Event attendance
1 Point - MYOB referrals
10 Points - Certification

Training and Certification

  • Product Certification
  • Re-introducing Re-Certification
  • Better Training and Certification
  • Steps

    MYOB Conference 2016

Tools Available for Partners

  • Partner offers
  • Partner co-branding with marketing material with MYOB
  • Partner marketing portal
  • Partner dashboard
  • Digital show-bag
  • Various partner offers i.e. Bookwiz Business Plan Template
  • Improving lead management tools
  • Webinars

Growing your Business by Simon Dennis

Implement a Plan

MYOB Conference 2016

Managing your Time

Suggestion Tool – Trello

MYOB Conference 2016

Checklist for Add on Partners

MYOB Conference 2016

Building Online Strategies

Use social media, websites, Twitter to help market your business

MYOB Partner Gala Dinner

The dinner was a very enjoyable night and started with Michael Crossland speaking of his journey and heartfelt commitment to the people of Haiti with generous giving from all, including MYOB, to raise over $60k. The evening then went on to reward those who have excelled over the year.

MYOB Awards

  • VIC and National Sales - 2 Peas - Pam Madytianos and Pam Pitt
  • WA Top Sales - Rob Marshall
  • QLD Top Sales - Carlos Rodriguez
  • ACT Top Sales - Pam Chilman
  • NSW Top Sales - Frank La Delfa, Caroline Banjavcic and Anthony Fedele
  • TAS Top Sales - Patrice Siltman
  • SA Top Sales - Jenny Bickley
  • NT Top Sales - Wendy Schottler
  • Lifetime Achievement Award - Pam Chilman
  • Newcomer of the Year - Jan Pryor
  • Innovator of the Year - Kamar Wagstaff
  • Partner of the Year - Martine Hoose

Congratulations to ICB members who won awards.

A Partner Connect Recap

By Simon Dennis (MYOB)

I am still lost for words.

I have seen Michael Crossland present his story a number of times over the past two years, and still it brings a tear to my eye today. I’ve never, ever felt such emotion at an industry event. The sound of various emotional responses throughout the venue was … overwhelming.

I’m not spoiling the story in case you didn’t attend Partner Connect, and have the opportunity to hear Michael in the future. Suffice it to say, you should attend an event featuring Michael at your earliest opportunity.

If you were on social media during Partner Connect you might’ve noticed a lot of positive sentiment from attendees. I think that was the loveliest part of the event - the camaraderie I experienced. Plenty of partners saying, “It feels like MYOB is back.”

To me, it felt like we were one big happy family! Sorry, not felt … Feels!

Speaking of family, it was fantastic to catch up with the ICB gang … Matt, Chris, Leanne and co. I always learn something from hanging out with you, and I truly respect the relationship we have.

By now you’ll have seen the shiny new MYOB branding. You should've received a link to the new IDENTIKIT portal that provides all the goodies you need to help businesses succeed. If you’re an MYOB Partner and haven’t yet received a link to IDENTIKIT, do reach out to your ever-loving Partner Manager for a link.

At Partner Connect, we also started the conversation about what the new PP will look like and asked for your feedback. Partner Program Manager, Mereki, will be talking about how she has taken your feedback on board in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for her update.

One final thing … 
2017 Partner Connect = Alice Springs. See you in the Outback!

  • Updated: 19th October, 2016