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At GovReports we are listening to our users and the recent most popular request is to have additional option for 2 Factor Authentication including Google Authenticator which many of you would already be using and familiar from other software applications.

So our development team has been to work on urgent request to implement Google Authenticator and with over the last weekend SMS service hiccups, there is no better time for us to announce the release of Google Authenticator as an additional security option which is now live for you to apply when using GovReports application to store and process financial / regulatory information online.

Similar to a token device use in banking, Google Authenticator is an application that uses the Time-based One-time Password Algorithm (TOTP) and HMAC-based One-time Password Algorithm (HOTP) to authenticate users without the physical token device.

To apply Google Authenticator on your GovReports account, you will need to install Google Authenticator app on your smart phone and set up prior to use. If you already have Google Authenticator on your phone from other software applications, then scan the QR code to use for GovReports.

To add and activate Google Authenticator as part of your GovReports login process, you will need to change your security settings and to do that, please login to your GovReports account as you normally would with previous Security set up.

From your dashboard, go to
settings instructions

At this point, GovReports will display the unique barcode for your account as well as the manual code.

QR Code instructions

If you haven't used Google Authenticator yet, go to Apps store on your phone, select and download Google Authenticator.

Open the Google Authenticator app and begin the set up process Choose to Scan barcode option and scan barcode generated from GovReports earlier. This step is required by users who used Google Authenticator with other software.

Then enter the code issued by Google Authenticator manually and complete your set up.

Once this is done, your next GovReports login will have 3 security code options to choose from including email, SMS text message and or Google Authenticator code.

Let us know should you have any queries and happy GovReporting.

GovReports Team:

  • Updated: 30th August, 2018