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Information and knowledge about Artifical Intelligence (A.I.).

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Context Introduction

We are hearing a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence taking over the world of bookkeeping.

There are several discrepancies or gaps in the thinking that leads to such an outlandish conclusion. The biggest gap in the logic is a lack of understanding as to what a bookkeeper in today’s world actually does and the services they provide to business. Many commentators would do well to understand that today’s bookkeepers are integral to proactive business systems and bookkeeping is not just a process of recording bank statement transactions.

There are significant and real benefits to bookkeepers who continue to embrace the advancements in technology helping you to do what you do.

Today’s view: there is substantial efficiency to gain, there are considerable amounts of bookkeeping that still require human intervention. There is significant certainty and assurance provided by human review. There are many existing businesses, as well as new businesses, that are not yet ready to embrace or trust computer generated processing.

Tomorrow’s view: the machine will process more and report more and we will be the next level of intellect that spends our time verifying and certifying the correct business process and systems.

ICB Resources

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  • Updated: 24th March, 2017