Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

The ATO have released their new tools to check superannuation entitlements. The three tools address eligibility, entitlement estimate, and complaint about an employer.

1. Eligibility Tool – Are you Entitled to SGC Contributions?

Example – Employee

  • Are you an employee?

    ATO Super Tool
  • Confirm you are paid more than $450 per month
  • Enter age. (If under 18, you will be asked if you have worked more than 30 hours in a week).
  • Then are a series of questions relating to domestic work, CDEP, non-resident, JPDA, foreign executive.
  • Result: entitled to super.

    You are entitled to super
    Based on the information you have provided you are entitled to super guarantee contributions from your employer.

Example – Contract Bookkeeper

  • Are you an employee?

    ATO Super Tool

  • Answer is based on the concept that you are performing work to achieve a result and using your intellect and expertise; you are not providing solely physical labour.
  • Result: not entitled to super.

    You are not entitled to super
    Based on the information you have provided you are not entitled to super guarantee contributions from your employer.

    You are not eligible to super guarantee contributions because you are not an eligible employee for super purposes.

2. Estimate Tool

This tool enables the employee to determine the amount of super they are entitled to, excluding the current quarter. If they are trying to determine an estimate for the current quarter, an error message is received advising that the employer has until the 28th of the following month to pay and therefore they are unable to calculate.

  • Enter the time frame you want the estimate for.

    ATO Super Tool
  • The employee is then required to enter the Ordinary Times Earnings, which is where they may need help as not every employee understands what OTE is. There is a question mark that they can tick that gives them the basics of OTE.

    ATO Super Tool

  • The calculation tool then provides an estimate and advises that this estimate does not take into consideration any salary sacrifice.

    ATO Super Tool

3. Complaint Tool

This form enables the employee to report any unpaid superannuation to the ATO

  • Employee first needs to check super fund to confirm that they have not been paid the super they are expecting
  • Confirm eligibility, i.e., $450 per month has been earned
  • Enter ABN of employer, confirm that it is your employer

    ATO Super Tool

  • Then enter the period the enquiry relates to
  • Enter personal details, (name, DOB, TFN, email address, details of superfund
  • Then confirm you give permission for the ATO to contact the employer, providing any other relevant details
  • If you do not allow the ATO permission to contact the employer, “processing of your enquiry may be delayed if we are unable to refer to you by name when contacting your employer”.


  • Updated: 16th November, 2016