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The software approach to STP solutions for Employers

ICB recommend business adopt a computerised payroll solution to manage employment.  

We now have an environment where FairWork requirements demand provision of payslips with explicit display detailing what people get paid, each and every time a payment is made.

We now have Single Touch Payroll in the established world has the Business reporting STP data to the ATO on or before each payday.

With lowcost/ no cost solutions providing payslip compliance, payroll records and STP reporting even the disconnected or seasonal or reluctant employer can work with their Certified Bookkeeper (or other Intermediary) to establish one of the compliant STP reporting solutions.

Your options

  1. Implement Software to run your pay each pay period (weekly, fortnightly, etc), or
  2. Work with a Registered Agent who may be able to apply for Quarterly (maybe monthly) reporting using payroll software
  3. Lodge STP reports using a reporting only option available to the Agent (not through the ATO portals)
  4. Exemptions or deferrals (the least preferred)

The software solutions exist for Employers or their Bookkeepers

In addition to the above

ATO - Low Cost or no cost software

The ATO have a register of software providers who provide STP enabled software    ATO Website Low Cost Solutions

They also have another register of all STP enabled products (sorry but we find this very hard to use or be of any benefit)

Connecting Software to the ATO

Single Touch Payroll Software Solutions are connecting to the ATO using a Unique Software ID.

The Software ID is provided to you by the Software Company.

If you are a registered agent you will have your own Software ID and that applies to your profile (even when you log into client accounting systems).  Note your profile in the clients system must be set to identify you as a registered agent.

If you are an employee of a business then the business will have its unique software ID that can be used by all employees of the business.

The Software ID for the Agent should be provided to the ATO and attached to the ABN that belongs to the Agent.  You do this once for the agent and then each time the agent lodges it will use the Agents SID, even when you are in the clients system or any clients system or your own practice management system (as long as the system knows it is you logged in and knows you are an agent).

The Software ID for the business should be provided to the ATO and attached to the ABN that belongs to the BUSINESS.  This is a different Software ID for each ABN.  When a person from the business logs in, the software will use the business software ID to lodge.

Refer to the ICB information on Connecting your software.

A note about small employers

The approach to small employers - ICB Consultation

ATO approach software for a low cost solution for small employers - ATO information

Further consultations with the ATO indicate they WILL allow the registered BAS Agent to lodge STP reports for the micro employers (1-4 employees, or disconnected) in conjunction with their BAS obligations ie once per month or once per quarter

End of Year

2018 - it seems most did still need to issue payment summaries to employees and lodge a PSAR/empdupe file to the ATO. 

2019 - we are advised that most software will have the "Finalisation" process in their software in time for employers before 30 June 2019 and therefore this replaces the payment summaries. 

Further information

Information from ICB on an Approach to STP is available to Bookkeepers, Employers and extensive application templates and guidance available to Members.

ICB Website - Single Touch Payroll Assistance

ICB Website - member Resources

ICB Webinar - How to do STP in MYOB

ICB Webinar - How to do STP in Reckon

ICB Webinar - How to do STP in Xero

Full Payroll, End of year and STP Webinar training for members


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  • Updated: 7 June 2019