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Employers have begun reporting payroll to the ATO through Single Touch Payroll.

We expect that there will be a period of confusion as some employees will hear about and know about Single Touch Payroll. Some may even be accessing myGov and seeing their payroll information on the ATO Online system. However some employees will not have access to that same payroll information because STP may not have been implemented by their employer yet.


Employer Information Sheets for Employees:      

Employee Handout - End of Year 2019 - No more Payment Summaries.pdf

#1 We have NOT started STP yet  &   #2 We have started STP  &  ATO Fact Sheet

ATO Webpage information for Employees

ATO Information for Employees - How to access ATO Online (myGov)

ATO Information for Employees - when the Employer HAS started STP     PDF copy

ATO Detail What STP means for Employees     PDF Copy



Over 400,000 employers with approx 11,300,000 employees had entered STP in September, 2019.

Substantial employers (more than 19 employees) are required to be in by 1 July 2019 ie they are permitted to start in the next payroll year.

All employers are required to report through STP starting before 30 September 2019.

The ATO will start chasing employers who have not engaged as from 30 September.

Explaining to Employees

To prevent the unnecessary questions (and possible accusations) we believe it is wise for employers to provide introductory information to employees at the different stages of implementation.

1.  Before the employer has commenced STP

2.  Once you have commenced using STP

3.  At the end of the year

4.  How to access myGov / ATO Online

Things You Might Like to Add

Before starting STP, subject to the employers' thoughts, they may like to add an intended date of starting STP reporting to the attached information.

We also believe that for all employers that are reporting through STP, and who do not intend to provide an end of year Payment Summary (30 June 2019), that they consider providing a direct communication to the employee about the change to this system.


ATO Provided information

ATO STP Information for employees - 2019 version (pdf)

ATO STP information for employees- 2018 version (PDF)

ATO information on STP & Payment Summaries   PDF Copy

Accessing your income statement or payment summary online

This pages shows how employees can access their payment summary or income statement online in myGov when their employer uses Single Touch Payroll (STP).
Published: 2/07/2018

Setting up your myGov account

Employees can set up a myGov account and link to the ATO to access their tax and super information, including their payment summaries or income statements.
Published: 2/07/2018

What Single Touch Payroll means for employees

Here are some of the changes for employees if their employer reports to the ATO through Single Touch Payroll. You will see your year-to-date tax and super information in myGov as well as your payment summaries or income statements.
Published: 2/07/2018

  • Updated: 24th September 2019