Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Important Note:
You are not supposed to connect the client's Unique Software ID to your BAS Agent Portal or BAS Agent Access Manager.

The purpose of the Unique Software ID is to connect the client's software with the client's records inside the ATO systems.

You connect the client to your client list with the ATO, as you have always done. This has nothing to do with the Unique Software ID of the client. As a Registered Agent, the client should be on your client list with the ATO.

Inside the client's software you should be identified in the Intermediary or Agent role, and your BAS Agent Number will then be submitted to the ATO inside the data.

Process: Connecting Clients Software to the ATO

The ATO have advised that:

  1. An authorised person of the client can either ring the ATO, or work through the business portal and business access manager to attach the unique software ID.


  2. You, as Registered Agent for the client, can make the connection by following the below process:
    • Ensure that you have the client listed as your client on your ATO Portal.
    • Connect the client's unique software ID:
      1. Call the ATO on 1300 852 232
      2. Let them know that you are an authorised contact as Registered Agent, and you are nominating the software for a client.

You should state that you would like to ‘Notify the ATO of a hosted SBR software service’.

You should then be able to provide the information to them on behalf of your client:

  • Your Agent's name
  • Your Agent's contact details
  • Your RAN
  • The Client's ABN
  • The Software Provider's name or ABN
  • The SSID (Unique Software ID)

It is possible that you may have to request they take the details of the notification, and that they will need to escalate the request to the STP Project Team.

You may need your personal TFN or other identification to do this, but it saves getting business owners frustrated with the ATO.

When is This Needed?

Some software has a direct connection between the client's accounting file (i.e. MYOB AccountRight, MYOB Essentials, Xero, Intuit QBO, Reckon) and the ATO Access Manager system to allow the lodgement of STP reports. To enable this connection the ATO must be advised of the Unique Software ID (USID). Refer ICB resources.


A business can make this connection through the ATO Business Portal and the Access Manager Screen. Alternatively, either the business or their agent can phone the ATO.

The ATO advise that to complete your one-off notification, you can either:

  • As the business: log in to Access Manager using your Administrator AUSkey or myGov credentials if you are the eligible associate or authorised staff of the business, and follow the steps to notify us
  • phone 1300 852 232, prepared with the following information:
    • proof of record ownership (e.g. personal TFN, date of birth, address, recent ATO-generated notice)
    • your Australian business number (ABN), or if you are a registered tax agent you can use your registered agent number (RAN)
    • the name or ABN of your software provider
    • your unique software ID (provided by your software provider)

The ATO Sometimes Gets This Wrong

Previously, BAS Agents were being told that you cannot make this connection on behalf of clients. The ATO have adjusted their processes as of Friday 22nd June. Legally, BAS Agents are permitted to act on behalf of clients for this purpose. The ATO have acknowledged this. If you meet resistance, request the ATO team member to refer to the STP scripting or their supervisor. Escalate your request to the STP Project Team. If this does not fix the problem, please note the date, time and reference number for the call, and advise us at ICB –

This is different to what you did for GovReports or for Xero PM where you were connecting your Practice Software with your Agent's records inside the ATO.

  • Updated: 27th June, 2018