Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

How to Use the Services

Have you observed a workplace practice in contravention with Fair Work? You can leave an anonymous tip-off via the FWO website. In the few years it has been in operation, the Fair Work tip-off service has seen over 20,000 callers tip off the regulator in relation to inappropriate work practices in breach of workplace laws.

Concerned parties of any nationality and background can leave an anonymous message through the digital portal on the FWO website.

You need to select from a list of availabile issues:

Select a relevant sub issue, Industry and sub industry. Note that you can only add company details, i.e. the company you are tipping the commission off about, once you have selected the tickbox that confirms your tip-off is anonymous and that there is no way for the FWO to contact you. Once you have done so, the business details form will appear. Here you will need to add all relevant details.

Remember that the process is not traceable, and that you cannot be reprimanded for a tip-off to the commission. It is recommended that you make such tipoffs discreetly, you are not required to disclose the tipoff to any party.


ICB note that as a professional, and certainly as a Registered BAS Agent, you are subject to considering the Confidentiality provisions of the Code of Conduct. We are advised by the TPB that they are unlikely to take action against a BAS Agent who has provided information to a regulator such as Fair Work, about the illegal activities of an employer.

There is proposed “Whistleblower” legislation which will move towards protecting any such disclosures.

There are requirements upon members of some organisations that require the professional to either remove themselves from the engagement with any business that is conducting illegal activities, or to actually inform the appropriate regulator.


  • Updated: 19th June, 2018