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A developing kit of information and resources.

Useful for:

All bookkeepers, payroll processors and businesses.

Context Introduction - Simpler BAS

The ATO has simplified the GST reporting system to make it simpler for a business to conduct its trading with less complexity in applying the GST law. There will be fewer fields reported on the BAS form.

The ATO is now actively working with businesses, professional associations, BAS and tax agents to move to this less complex reporting system, to be implemented 1 July 2017.

ICB Resources

  1. Business Information Sheet - Simpler BAS
  2. Business Information Sheet - Simpler BAS Bookkeeping Guide
  3. G1 Compared to T1
  4. ICB Members Respond to Simpler BAS Concept
  5. Introduction to Simpler BAS
  6. Simpler BAS - GST Bookkeeping Guide
  7. Simpler BAS is Coming
  8. Simpler BAS Changed the Portal
  9. Simpler BAS Coding Changes in the Software
  10. Simpler BAS in Each Software

ATO Information

  1. ATO - 2016 Budget Announcement (includes Simpler BAS)
  2. ATO - Initial Software Design Comments
  3. ATO - Research Statistics on BAS Lodgers
  4. ATO - Summary Research for Simpler BAS
  5. Simpler BAS Video from the ATO for Tax Professionals

Other Resources

  1. Xero - Updates on Simpler BAS (May 2017)
  2. Simpler BAS in Xero is Here! (August 2017)
  3. Simpler BAS in Intuit QBO
  4. Simpler BAS in MYOB
  5. Simpler BAS in Reckon
  • Updated: 16th June, 2017