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Auskey is retiring as of 27 March 2020 – It will not work after that date!
myGovID is the replacement.

myGovID is a security system that uses a digital identity app on current smart phones to prove your identity when you try to log in to an increasing array of government services (ATO Online Services for Agents, ATO Business Portal, ATO Relationship Authorisation Manager, the ABR and many more to follow).

Usernames and passwords are no longer sufficient methods to identify who is accessing privileged services.

Each individual will have their own unique myGovID digital identity, and you only need one.

If you access government services on behalf of any entity then you either must be an Authorised Person of that entity on the ABR, or invited to act by such a person. This connection of an individual to an entity is made and managed by using RAM (Relationship Authorisation Manager).

Step-by-Step Implementation Process

  1. Check that the ABR information for each entity is correct:
  2. Set up your personal myGovID:
  3. Check the Access Manager user list and permissions are current:
  4. Launch and set up Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) connection.
    • RAM is used to connect individuals to act for the entity
    • ATO explains "Restricted Access" to ATO Services for Offshore employees, non-residents or Australians without the right identity documents - ATO Webpage

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