Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Evaluating the Sales Processes:

  • Website
  • Online Shop / Ordering
  • Auto Confirmation
  • Delivery Tracking Systems
  • Online Payments
  • Auto Reporting

Future Artificial Intelligence should Provide:

  • Customer Watch
    • Credit Issues
    • Payment Timing
    • Sales Behaviour Changes
  • Potential Customer Watch
  • Product Watch
  • Competitor Watch



  • Similar concepts to the Purchases discussion
  • Online Payments should be enabled so that your business software and invoicing system connects the customer with an ability to pay you either through your preferred gateway, which provides you with the payment and allocation information, or when they use their payment system the information is provided in such a form that the same payment and allocation information is provided. The receipt of payment is notified and auto matched to the invoice.

eInvoicing (Purchases and Sales Interacting Digitally)

  • The Digital Business Council (of which The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers is a member and Deputy Chair), has worked with the ATO to establish the eInvoicing Interoperability framework for Australia. This system creates the standard for the effective exchange of invoices (as well as enabling the full documentation swap of each part of the Procure to Pay cycle).
  • Updated: 11 February 2020