Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Businesses must now be considering the computerisation of Payroll in order to enable the preparation of Single Touch Payroll.

All aspects of the payroll process should be considered for automation to the furthest extent possible

  • Digital Time & Costs Tracking
  • Auto Travel Tracking
  • Employee Portals
  • Digital Payslips
  • Auto Payment Gateways
  • Authorisation Process
  • Auto reporting




  • Software should be providing Employee Portal access enabling the Employee to interact with the business payroll administration digitally. Preferably, also mobile supported for processes such as timesheet submission, leave application, other communication activities, and administration of the employees profile, including payment information.
  • Digital Payslips should be provided by the secure Employee Portal and preferably, with a notification system. Increasingly we should be moving away from email as the form of communication and we envisage “App” style notification and communication systems.
  • Authorisation processes need to be enhanced within software:
  • Providing the business owner and their payroll personnel effective communication, reporting, approval and authorisation processes. This informs the business owner/management and also protects the bookkeeper (especially contract bookkeepers)

Additional Information

Payroll Software enabled for Single Touch Payroll

  • Updated: 11 February 2020