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Small Business Digital Champions - an Australian Government Initiative

Improving digital engagement has the potential to significantly improve small business productivity in Australia, and help create an economy that is strong and dynamic.

Small business across a diverse range of industries, locations and sizes in Australia are adopting digital technology as part of their businesses, and four benefits are clear:

  • “going digital” saves a small business time.
  • “going digital” provides small business with the flexibility and mobility to work anywhere, anytime.
  • “going digital” can increase a small business’ revenue by reaching new customers and markets.
  • “going digital” can protect a small business’ investment.

“Many small businesses are delaying, ignoring or simply are unaware of the opportunities that digital technologies may offer them,” Mr Bouris said.

“Accountants and bookkeepers remain the ‘trusted advisers’ for small business. They raise awareness of options by indirectly marketing the products offered by service providers and are seen as a trusted source of impartial advice.”

Digital Implementation Journey

  • Email (Communication)
  • Website (Promotion) - Further explanation
  • Processes (Efficiency)
    • Payroll
    • WebShop
    • Invoicing
    • Accounting
    • Accessing Government - myGovID
  • Analytics (Reporting and Improvement)
  • Automation (Effectiveness)

Digital Process Journey for Business

  • Digitise Payroll
  • Digitise Interactions - Employee Portal
  • Digitise business interactions
  • Digitise Payments (ABA & Gateways)
  • Digitise Invoices (eInvoicing)
  • Digitise Signatures
  • Digitise GST
  • Simpler BAS
  • Lodge
  • Digitise Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPRS)
  • Digitise Superannuation
  • Employer making payments
  • Employee accessing information
  • Digitise Diaries
  • Digitise Project / Practice Management
  • Digitise Interactions with Government - myGovID
  • Digitise Analytics

Digital identity framework under development

Digitising Processes with Government

Government are embracing a Digital Identity, Digital Processes world. To effectively implement the pending environment requires:

  • review of what already exists in your digital profile with government
  • Updating your information
  • adoption of new techniques, and
  • ongoing engagement

The new processes are being developed right now (written September 2019).

Agents who interact with the ATO must start a process of updating backend processes and cleaning up history for themselves and their clients. Agents may be able to assist their clients to also adopt this new environment.

The Auskey is expiring (likely March 2020), myGovID is the future. ATO Online Services for Agents are live now. Access to the old Portals will cease when Auskey expires.

ICB Member - Resources & Explanations for all steps

Your New Auskey – myGovID

  1. Clean up the Australian Business Register so that the correct people are listed as "Associates" of the relevant ABNs of the businesses.
  2. Set up your personal myGovID
  3. Link entities via RAM and then invite any individuals
  4. Use the new set of keys (myGovID) to access ATO Online Services

Today (September 2019) the steps required to prepare for the new environment – Detailed Explanation

Cyber Security

Finding Solutions

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Artificial Intelligence and Professionals

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  • Updated: 17 October, 2019