Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Australian Banking Association

Announcement today 30 March 2020


  • Defer loan repayments for 6 months
    • COVID-19 impacted businesses
    • Loan facilities of < $10m
    • Online process
  • Individual Circumstances considered
  • Waiving fees and charges
  • Interest free periods or no interest rate increases
  • Debt consolidation
  • Includes sole traders

Different bank programs

  • Deferral of repayments (new and existing loans)
  • Govt supported loans, overdrafts with no repayments for 6 months at low interest rate (this is the Government announced 50/50 SME Loan guarantee)



  • It may affect your credit rating (but this is being re-negotiated)
  • Unless Interest is also waived then the debt is increasing


  • Can obtain access to these concessions as long as you provide an undertaking that you will not terminate leases or evict tenants (see ABA website)


All bank website and resources are listed and connected through the ABA Webpage

This page as a handout

  • Updated: 30 March 2020