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This page will be constantly updated and improved as we are able to consider and rely on official and correct information. We will be taking a Bookkeepers perspective to assisting business during this time.

The latest updates and information can be found here on our 2021 COVID-19 Resources page.

Important Sub-Pages from ICB

JobKeeper 2.0 - Implementation and Resources

Strategies to Assist Business - COVID-19 Rebuild

JobKeeper 1.0


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What's New

ICB Explains


Sole Traders



Employers - CashBoost (PAYGW Credit)

ATO explains CFB part 2

ATO provides an excel CFB estimator for june to September amounts - Excel

Apprentices / Trainees - Wage support



Defer ATO


Information Sheets

Things To Do



25th May 2020


Contrived Arrangements / Schemes / Increasing Wages

Disaster Recovery Strategy and Rebuild Approach


Cashflow Analysis

Employers and Employees – The HR Experience and Approach

State-Based Concessions

A Bookkeepers Approach






The Rules and the Fact Sheets

Webpage explains Extension of JK 2

  The role the FWC plays in COVID


ACCC:  Advice to Consumers - Cancellations / Travel

Banks  - New Guidelines:  Australian Banking Association announces Bank Support - 30 March 2020

Cyber Security Centre - Update on Security in a COVID-19 environment   6th April 2020

Cyber Scams and COVID-19

ATO JobKeeper Scam Page


Safe Work Australia:  Business Resource Kit

  • Updated: 19 October 2020