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Context Introduction

eInvoicing captures the electronic invoicing journey that many businesses are already on and where our commercially available accounting software is taking us.

The aim is that through the establishment of a common standard of interchange that all businesses, irrespective of which software they use, will be able to create an invoice that is translated into transmittable data.

ICB Resources

  1. What is eInvoicing?
  2. ATO Explains einvoicing webpage | PDF
  3. Government commits to 5 days payment for an einvoice | PDF


  1. eInvoicing goes Live - into production, now for the software
  2. Government progresses eInvoicing - Ministers Announcement (May 2018)
  3. ATO commits to eInvoicing (May 2018)
  4. eInvoicing Update (August 2016)
  5. eInvoicing Update - Test Cases Working (April 2017)
  6. ICB Calls for E-Invoicing Mandate (Jan 2018)

External Resources

  1. ATO News library on einvoicing
  2. ATO explains eInvoicing (updated Aug 2019)   pdf
  3. Digital Business Council
  4. Digital Business Council - eInvoicing Facts and Figures
  5. Digital Business Council - eInvoicing Interoperability Report
  6. Digital Business Council - eInvoicing is Here
  7. Digital Business Council - eInvoicing Update (April 2017)
  8. Digital Business Council - eInvoicing Update (November 2016)
  9. Digital Business Council - What is eInvoicing?
  • Updated: 13th November 2019