Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

The ACNC revoked the registration of 109 charities failing to submit their Annual Information Statements for two or more years.

It is imperative to submit the Annual Income Statement every year to adhere to compliance in receiving the charity tax concessions received. Failure to do so will indicate a pattern of non-compliance. The ACNC may issue a 28 day notification and, should this not be actioned, will result in revocation.

As a registered charity there is an obligation to:

  • Notify the ACNC of any change of contact details. These changes must be provided within 28 days for large and medium charities and 60 days for small charities.
  • Submit the Annual Income Statement each year. The statement is due within six months of the end of the reporting period and can be submitted using the ACNC Charity Portal.

Unlisted Charities

There are a number of charities that have not kept up to date details with the ACNC, making it difficult to be notified of compliance obligations. The ACNC conducted publicity campaigns through a number of social media platforms to bring awareness to these charities of the forthcoming outcome.

Additionally the ACNC posted a public notice on their site of this revocation, and conditions associated, listing all of the charities that no longer hold their charity tax concessions.

Be aware of the ACNC obligations and whether regular compliance is being met and adhered to.


  • Updated: 17 August, 2017