Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

The government Small Business Digital Task Force has released its report.

Improving digital engagement has the potential to significantly improve small business productivity in Australia, and help create an economy that is strong and dynamic.

Small business across a diverse range of industries, locations and sizes in Australia are adopting digital technology as part of their businesses, and four benefits are clear:

  • ‘going digital’ saves a small business time.
  • ‘going digital’ provides small business with the flexibility and mobility to work anywhere, anytime.
  • ‘going digital’ can increase a small business' revenue by reaching new customers and markets.
  • ‘going digital’ can protect a small business’ investment.

“Many small businesses are delaying, ignoring or simply are unaware of the opportunities that digital technologies may offer them,” Mr Bouris said.

“Accountants and bookkeepers remain the “trusted advisers” for small business. They raise awareness of options by indirectly marketing the products offered by service providers and are seen as a trusted source of impartial advice.”

ICB Comment

In some senses we welcome the report; it formalises the issue and makes a statement. It articulates the need for small business to digitise and the hinderances to their journey.

In other senses we are extremely disappointed; The level of stakeholder engagement was very limited. Some of those organisations listed as being involved report one very limited discussion. It has not adequately recognised the role of our community of bookkeepers who work with business on a minute-by-minute basis to progress this journey. (The above quote was on page 63 of the report)

Where To Now?

We are in discussion with Government to help them form a response and a strategy to assist small business to digitise.


  • Updated: 6 August 2019