Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Since 2015 the ATO have been implementing the blueprint for change.

The idea behind this was to capitalise on the tax and super systems information received through ongoing consultation, co-design with the community, and provide clarity on what the ATO intends to achieve through improved services.

“Our blueprint for reinvention reflects what the community wants from the ATO – the kind of experience they want to have when they participate in the tax and super systems.” – Chris Jordan AO, Commissioner of Taxation

Future Focus

The focus is to continue building on:

  • improving clients' experience of the tax and super systems.
  • promoting fairness and transparency.
  • building partnerships and enhancing the existing.
  • continuing to culturally be centred on expertise and integrity as well as contemporary service.

The specifics of this focus include:

  • Australian Environment – rapidly changing community expectations, digital economy and design, social media and globalisation.
  • Tax Administration Paradigm – creating better efficiency with self-assessment and basing this on the integrated digital solutions as well as having better relationships.
  • Attitude to Administration – aligning to community expectations and ensuring that tax-payers pay the correct amount.
  • Business Design focus – nurture the willing participation through creating ease in achieving the right things and difficult not to.
  • Compliance focus – by increasing the voluntary compliance.
  • Style of workplace – creating active and enabled networks of teams and individuals.

What we have been doing

Recent areas of focus are derived from what we have told the ATO are important:

  • Fixing the basics
  • Addressing irritants
  • Expanding the range of online services
  • Providing certainty

When it comes to BAS Agents

The ATO are intending on improving the experience received using the tax and superannuation systems. This is being derived from feedback that has been received. While some of the goals will occur in the near future, there are others that will take longer to implement. However, the purpose is to ensure that every year matters and there are obvious improvement programs being delivered.

More on the ATO's Improvement Program:
Every year counts timeline for tax agents and BAS agents (403KB PDF)

Some of the key initiatives that are in the process of being delivered include:

  • Being aware of the changes that are occurring and having the opportunity to get involved.
  • Testing the simpler BAS to assist in reducing your client's GST record keeping.
  • Better communication and providing the opportunity to talk more with ATO staff through increasing the amount of open forums, online forums and professional associations.

Additionally, there is the opportunity to become involved in the consultation and co-design in the following areas of:

  • New credentials – the option to access online services more securely.
  • The delivery of tax and superannuation services which includes the “Working Together Framework and the Partnership Relationship Model”
  • Providing input through professional association representation or a collaboration website.

The ATO's aim is to continue to build on the successes and lessons to date, and their transformation for the long term – this is to deliver on the directions of reinventing the ATO Blueprint.


  • Updated: 22nd November, 2017