Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Navigating a complex regulatory environment can be challenging for NFP organisations. With limited resources, and constraints on time, it is often the case that NFP clients find it difficult to address compliance challenges. Are you presently working with clients in this situation? If so, why not avail them to the ATO NFP checklist?

Use this checklist when your client's not-for-profit organisation is changing the administrator of its tax affairs – for example a treasurer, office bearer, or employee involved in the tax administration of your organisation. The checklist will help your client's organisation hand over its tax affairs to the new administrator.

The checklist will assist them with the four key aspects of the handover.

  • Updating authorised contacts
  • Facilitating the physical handover of documents
  • Facilitating access to online systems
  • Updating legal information

To access the resource to distribute to your client, click on the following link – or download the pdf directly from here:

  • Updated: 22nd October, 2018