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The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers is a Professional Association for bookkeepers of all levels and the resources found in the above sections have been specifically designed and developed to assist all bookkeepers at all levels.

The information on these pages is for ICB Members only, Members will need to log on to the ICB website (you can logon to the top right) to access these resources.


BAS Agent providing services

  • Templates for a BAS Agent to use with their clients
  • Guidance on how to act as an agent
  • Templates for BAS Agents to use
  • Working with your clients as a competent BAS Agent
    Relevant for BAS Agents.

Being a BAS Agent provides systems and knowledge on how to become a BAS Agent, how to be a BAS Agent and how to comply with the obligations of being a BAS Agent.

  • Guidance on completing the TPB forms
  • Explanation of the Code of Conduct
    Relevant for BAS Agents or those aspiring to be.

Business Matters includes those items of knowledge and other areas a bookkeeper often becomes involved in providing to businesses that aren’t strictly bookkeeping but are about running a business.

End of Year covers all those areas of tax and compliance that are unique to end of year processes.

  • End of year Payroll, preparation and lodgment of Payment Summaries
  • TPAR Taxable Payment Annual Reports
  • Preparation of End of Year accounts and information for the business or the accountant
    Relevant for all people doing end of year bookkeeping.

GST & BAS is the bookkeeping and knowledge to get GST correct and prepare and lodge the BAS (It is not about being a BAS Agent, as such although it covers work a BAS Agent may do).
Relevant for all people involved in how GST applies and in preparing a BAS.

Payroll provides knowledge on all areas a bookkeeper needs to think about when preparing or advising on Payroll.
Relevant for all people involved in payroll

Software gets specific about how to use software.

  • Guidance on the respective Partner programs
  • Feature by feature comparison of product vs product
  • How to use software in different ways
  • How to get help on the software
    Relevant for everyone using software.

Your Bookkeeping Business is a library of resources and information about being in the business of providing bookkeeping services.

Newsletters provides a central place for that item you just know you read in a newsletter sometime.

  • Provided both edition by edition
  • Also provides indexes of all editions so you can scan the contents quickly

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  • Updated: 1st June 2018