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What is the Accredited Training Providers (ATP) Program?

There are many advantages to being part of this program which apart from having exposure on our website, also include the active promotion by our staff of your courses to prospective students and the use of the Institute’s crest on your course information packs / promotional material.


  • Promotion on the ICB website
  • Use of the ICB crest on marketing material
  • ICB Educator Membership for your trainers
  • ICB Supports Student Conferences
  • Promotion via our monthly Newsletter
  • Promotion of relevant course for CPE via our website and newsletters
  • Ability to enrol your students in the ICB Student member program
  • Ability to enrol your educators in the ICB Educator member program
  • Student are eligible for the 'Student Award program'

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What is the ICB Student Award Program?

The ICB's Student Award Program has been implemented to acknowledge the achievement of your top student in Certificate IV in Bookkeeping. Click here for full details on the Student Award Program.

ATP Program

Accredited Training Providers


  • Prominent listing on the Accredited Trainers page
  • Complimentary ICB Student membership for your students
  • Ability to promote within the ICB monthly newsletter
  • Ability to promote courses via the ICB CPE page
  • Use of the ICB crest on marketing material
  • Access to the ICB Student Award Program

Accredited Training Provider $1,250.00 per annum, students receive 12 months complimentary student membership with ICB.

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Student Membership

The ICB Student membership is designed for those looking to get started in the profession and are studying relevant courses. The Student membership provides access to ICB support, resources and Network Meetings.

Educator Membership

ICB is about providing information to Bookkeepers about the industry. Our Trainers membership is designed so that those who are educating Bookkeepers are provided with not only the same information and resources, which is provided to Bookkeepers, but also information that has a training flavour and also information that is more directly relevant to your role. Trainers have access to:

  • Monthly Member newsletter
  • Monthly Educator newsletter
  • ICB Support
  • Resources - Student

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