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17/01/2020 - Newsletter

FWO Challenges Contractor Payments

The Fair Work Ombudsman recently instigated court action which challenged whether the worker was a Contractor or an Employee – FWO believe they are employees and the persons were underpaid.

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17/01/2020 - Home

Meet the Director Candidates 2020

ICB election for Director Vacancies 2020

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16/01/2020 - Newsletter

Bookkeepers Responding to Bushfires

With the recent bushfires sweeping across the country, many of our members and their families are being or have been affected by the bushfire crisis.

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15/01/2020 - Home

All your myGovID implementation

myGovID is here and must replace all Auskey access by 31 March 2020. Your complete implementation kit

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14/01/2020 - Home

ATO computers uptodate

The ATO had a major system upgrade and data shift over Christmas which removed a duplication of systems. Validation and accuracy checks are complete.

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06/01/2020 - Home

What changed on the ATO computers

The ATO upgraded their accounting system shifting a massive amount of data and releasing new features

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23/12/2019 - Home

myGovID and cheap phones

myGovID requires access to the internet on a mobile device. Phones less than $200 are available

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19/12/2019 - Home

SBSCH offline

The Small Business Superannuation Clearing House will be offline over Christmas

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18/12/2019 - Home

ICB works with ASBFEO

ICB has participated with ASBFEO on a number of policy forums and collaborated with Kate Carnell and Craig Latham on behalf of our members and their businesses.

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18/12/2019 - Home

Updated FWO Information Statement

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has issued an updated Information statement that must be provided to all new employees at commencement of employment

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