Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

What is it?


The ability to purchase vouchers for less than the face value. Buy vouchers online at a discount to face value, eg: purchase a $100.00 Coles voucher for $95.00, or buy a product online and receiving cash back into your bank account.

The ICBenefits Program is a member only benefit program using reward gateway to provide you with discounts on over 350 retailers nationwide. Shop online via ICBenefits and save 5-25% on any purchase made. Retailers include Coles, Woolworths, iTunes, StrawberryNet, Dan Murphys, Expedia, Budget and much more.



Making a purchase online through ICBenefits can mean that you see money coming back to your bank account. Make a purchase online and receive a % back of the total purchase made. For example – need to hire a car? Make the booking online via the ICBenefits website and receive 10% cashback. The cashback can either be sent directly to your bank account OR be kept in your online account. Keeping it in your online account means that you can use it for purchases at a later date.

Voucher Shop

Gift cards are a great idea for not only gifts but also using everyday. In the voucher shop, you have the opportunity to buy vouchers or gift cards to a number of different stores – for a discounted rate. For example: need an idea for school holidays? Take the kids bowling. Buy an AMF/King Bowling voucher for $100.00 but get it for $90.00! It’s that easy – once you purchase the voucher dispatch is made the same day. You can expect the voucher in the mail within the next 2-4 working days.

How does it work?

ICBenefits Program is a separate website from ICB, and as you know, the biggest identifier for us is your unique ICB membership number. This is the only piece of information you need to register. Want to use a different email address to the one that is on file with ICB? Not a problem at all! All you need to do is click here and click 'Register Here' and all you will need is your ICB Membership number. Once you have registered, happy shopping!


A reward program that ICB can now provide due to our strength, our international strength and our growth.

We see this as helping you with daily living costs, just for being a member with us. While ICB provides members with bookkeeping resources, bookkeeping support and bookkeeping credibility, we want to reward you, as you, for choosing us. The ICBenefits Program may benefit your lifestyle as well as your business so, we couldn’t resist.