Institute of Certified Bookkeepers


A Certified Bookkeeping Practice is a bookkeeping business that is owned and managed by an ICB Member in Practice or Fellow in Practice (the ICB Member).

Certified Bookkeeping Practices provide direct access to the ICB member resources and support for their team to better support their clients.

The Certified Bookkeeping Practice is a commitment by the ICB member towards the development and growth of their bookkeeping business and their team.

The Certified Bookkeeping Practice may promote its status and also display the CBP Certificate while it remains a CBP.

The team members are not awarded a personal certification by ICB as a result of this Practice membership and may not refer to themselves as a Member of ICB, however they can state that they work for a “Certified Bookkeeping Practice”. The team members may seek to upgrade their personal status with ICB to that of being a Certified Bookkeeper.


  1. For the Certified Bookkeeping Practicing membership the principal applicant (the ICB Member) has to hold either Member in Practice or Fellow in Practice membership for a minimum period of 12 months.
  2. The Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) must apply to the ICB Member as well as provide cover to all activities of the Practice and the relevant team members. The PII must be current.
  3. Team members that will be attached to the membership must have the business domain email address; eg. Jan's Bookkeeping team member will have an email address of
    We will not accept @gmail or @hotmail email addresses.
  4. If the principal ICB Member does not renew their membership or provide current PI details then corporate membership will not apply.
  5. Contract bookkeepers working for a bookkeeping business may only access the benefits of being part of the Certified Bookkeeping Practice for the clients and work of that Practice. If a team member wishes to access the ICB resources and support for other purposes they must obtain personal ICB Membership.
  6. The ICB Member must advise ICB of any changes to the eligible Team Members. Email to
  7. The ICB Member retains their voting membership of ICB. Neither the Practice nor the team members are awarded Voting Membership as a result of being part of the Certified Bookkeeping Practice.
  8. This membership is not available to Franchisee's or licensee business models.
    However if an ICB Member is part of a franchise and has a team attached to their business, then the Certified Bookkeeping Practice could apply to their business and the relevant team members.
  9. The membership designation is attached to the Practicing Certificate of the business.
  10. Benefits to team:
    • Access to ICB resources on website
    • Phone & email support
    • Participation in ICB CPE (including use of the ICB CPE Register)
    • Member prices for ICB events (early bird pricing not available for limited seat events. Member price to apply once the advertised early bird period has expired)
    • Network Meetings at CBP price of $11.00
  11. Pricing
    Note the ICB Member must retain their membership
    • 2–5 persons $990.00 per annum
    • 6–10 persons $1650.00 per annum
    • 10+ discussed following application

    The CBP membership will be aligned to the membership of the ICB member, facilitating review of the details of the Practice membership and the number of team members in the same renewal process.

    The CBP membership is an annual payment and can be increased during the year on a pro-rata basis if required.

  12. The team do not have access to the ICB Crest.
  13. The team do not have access to ICBenefits.
  14. Part owners and Directors of the business must also be an ICB Member in their own right.