Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Luca PacioliThis year marks the 525th Anniversary of when Luca Pacioli (aka “The Father of Accounting and Bookkeeping”) published the Summa de arithmetica, one of the first known books that contained information on double-entry bookkeeping.

For Global Bookkeeping Week we are taking the opportunity to look back on the history of bookkeeping,
reflect on recent changes to the industry and celebrate how far we’ve come as a global community.
We invite you to share your own personal journey and join us in raising a cup to this valuable profession.





How you can celebrate Global Bookkeeping Week!

Free Network Meetings

This year we are offering free attendance at all member network meetings throughout November. You are invited to attend and enjoy complementary refreshments, network with ICB members who are local bookkeepers and BAS agents and discuss current industry news and updates. This is a great opportunity to come along and see how engaging and supportive the ICB networking meeting groups are.

Click here and register for a local network meeting near you!


Global Webinar

We will be hosting a series of webinars between November 18 – 22 at no cost, open for all bookkeepers, students, educators, business owners and current ICB members. The webinars will cover a variety of topics such as practice management, current industry challenges and triumphs, technical bookkeeping support and more. See below for webinar sessions and times.

Session Date & Time Overview  
Welcome to Global Bookkeeping Week 18th November    9am - 9.45am Join ICB CEO Amanda Linton and Executive Chair Matthew Addison for a chat about bookkeeping and ICB in 2019/ 2020. Register
Employment contracts and policies: are they still needed in the modern age? 18th November    2pm - 3pm Join Simon Obee from Employment Innovations for a webinar to discuss the importance to employers of having proper HR documentation in place, in particular employment contracts and policies. Register
Becoming a Bookkeeper or BAS Agent - from student to success 19th November    10am - 11am This session will outline the process of becoming a bookkeeper and how to find a mentor as well as covering strategies for achieving success as an early career bookkeeper. Register
The New Frontier of Payroll in Australia 19th November    11.30am - 12.30pm Join Amanda Duff from Employment Innovations for a webinar to discuss the complexity of managing Fair Work Compliance and Payroll in 2020’, the impact on the provision of incorrect advice or actions in respect to payroll or workplace matters; and the tools, resources and support available to bookkeepers. Register
The Digital Bookkeeping Business - strategies for new and emerging businesses 19th November    2pm - 2.45pm This session will cover strategies for achieving success online including guidance on websites, email hosting, SEO, digital marketing, social media and more. Register
Live ICB Technical Support Session 20th November    10am - 11am Join ICB Support and Resource Team Member Pauline Walton for a live support session. Open to both members and non-members Pauline will be answering all of your support question live! Register
Meet two of ICB's Directors
20th November    2pm Hear from two of ICB's newest Directors Leanne Berry and Melissa Foote along with ICB's Deb Thompson for a discussion on their personal bookkeeping journey - challenges, successes, networking and lessons learned.   Register
Tips, Tools & Time Saving Solutions
21st November 10am - 10.30am Join Andrea Suarez from Reckon who will share insights from Reckon's recent small business report that sought to understand the benefits and barriers to being 'in the zone' at work. Uncover key findings from the research plus tips and advice for running your bookkeeping practice to work more efficiently and stress less. Register
Risk Management with Insurance Made Easy 21st November 11.30am - 12pm Join IME's Founder & Managing Director James Gillard for a session on risk management including emerging trends in the cyber environment, which should be on your radar. Register
ICB Member Services
21st November    2pm - 2.30pm Join the ICB member service team as they run through how to make the most of your membership with ICB. This webinar will discuss membership levels, the process of changing your membership and/or updating your details and the membership benefits ICB offer. Register
ICB Network Meetings
21st November    2.30pm - 3pm Join the ICB team for an indepth look into ICB's Network Meetings. This webinar will include the ins and outs of becoming a facilitator, making the most of this network tool, network meeting webinars, CPE and your complimentary attendance in November! Register
Mentally Healthy Workplace 22nd November    9am - 10am At 9am we will be screening a pre-recorded webinar between ICB CEO Amanda Linton and Beyond Blue's Patrice O'Brien about coping with your day, which will be followed by a discussion and live Q&A from the two hosts and a panel of board members from 9.30am. Register
Meet the New ATO Assistant Commissioner 22nd November    2pm - 3pm Join ICB Executive Chair Matthew Addison and meet the new ATO Assistant Commissioner Kath Anderson who is responsible for looking after the BAS Agent community. Register




Each year tens of thousands of bookkeepers across the globe take time out of their busy schedules to come together and raise a cup to their profession in recognition of the value they bring to the micro and small business world. We encourage you to post a photo of yourself, your clients or even your pets raising a cup to bookkeepers and we will share them across our social pages! Have some fun, get creative and show your support to the community. Just make sure to use the #GlobalBookkeepingWeek and #RaiseACup hashtags and tag @icbaustralia on social media.