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Cert IV in Accounting & Bookkeeping - working hours

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Hi there I am undertaking the certificate mentioned and my aim is to become a certified bookkeeper. Can someone please clarify what hands on experience is requrired to show competance and that you are ready to work as a certificed bookkeeper bar the certificate?

Thank you


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Hi Vicky,  congratulations on your undertaking of the Cert IV program.  Im going to attach the link to the TPB which outlines relevant experience requried to become a Registered BAS Agent. If the big picture is for you to own and operate a bookkeeping business and provide BAS services for a fee, BAS Agent registration is mandatory.  In answer to your question on clarification on what hands on experience is? - doing bookkeeping services for a business as an employee, or doing bookkeeping under a person or entity that is a Registered BAS or Tax agent who can supervise your work.  To be certified, you will also need to change your ICB membership, and I have attached the information here for you also.

Explaining ICB Membership

Bookkeepers Career Path - ICB

Relevant experience for BAS agents | TPB

I hope this has helped.


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