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RFBA for PBI - does this get included in Gross Wages for STP?

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Hi All, trying to get my head around the way this has been set up by previous bookkeeper - client is a registered charity & PBI.  Employees are allowed $611.50 a fortnight REFBA (some pay credit cards, rent etc).  This obviously reduces the gross amount & therefore tax payable.  My quiestion is, what figure should be reported to the TAO via STP & ultimately on their income statement at end of year.  Example:-

Gross Salary $1000.00

LESS RFBA $611.50

Taxable salary $ 388.50

I imagine it would be the $1,000.00 on STP & then on the income statement it would be $1000.00 gross & RFBA $611.50?

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Hi Steph,

For STP INB Payee Gross Payments [PAYEVNTEMP47] the ATO states “Do not include amounts that have been salary sacrificed.”

So the STP amount is gross taxable.

Using your example report:

$388.50 for STP INB

$611.50 for RFBA

There is another field called OTE Amount [PAYEVNTEMP61] this would be $1,000.00 because this is used to ensure the employees super is being calculated and paid correct, which is field Reportable Employer Super Contribution [PAYEVNTEMP111].

Hopefully your payroll software will be able to automate this pretty easily.

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Thanks, it was userful for me in the same situation. I want to add that before making your finalisation declaration, make sure your STP information is correct. If you identify that you need to make an amendment after you have submitted a finalisation declaration, you'll need to submit these as soon as possible. You can make the amendments to finalised STP data in your STP solution.

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Frankly it is not a big salary

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