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RECOMMENDATIONS PLS: Inventory softwares, POS for retail and online?

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Hi All,


I have a client in the homeware business, importing most goods from overseas.  What inventory system do other recommend to keep track of inventory 1 - when it comes into stock 2- when it is sold /returned etc...

And do these inventory systems integrate with point of sale (POS) for both retail and online? I have heard shopify is really good. Would others recommend?

Lasly, do these softwares/systems integrate with Xero pretty good?




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Hi, you can go with Shopify or Fishbowl Inventory software to fulfill your requirements. Both the mentioned inventory software can be integrated with with Xero. Also, Xero have partnered with Shopify to provide better experience to the users, thus, you can definitely go with it.

Bhavleen Kaur

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