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Employee Relocation Expenses (To return to WA)

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Hi All

Long-term (Malaysian) permanent FT employee who left employment 2 years ago to relocate to Malaysia with new baby to join her partner.  All entitlements paid out at termination.  Employer has since re-engaged employee working remotely, with employee (& family) set to relocate back to WA in Feb 2021. 

(At employee's request) her earnings are being accumulated & held until their return, in order to save tax (as they believe they will still be PRs for tax purposes - but that's another story!) 

Employee has suggested forgoing relevant amount of gross wages for payment of their relocation back to Perth instead.  Employer appears to be happy to oblige.

Just wanted to see if anyone else has had this scenario & how you treated it ? 

I'm assuming it will be a Fringe Benefit but all the FB info that refers to "relocation expenses" relates to an employee relocating FOR work NOT returning to recommence so am having some difficulty finding any resources for this particular arrangement ? 

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