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Payments received $0.01 over/under invoice total

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I often receive payments that don't match total of invoice, out by $0.01 up or down, clearly due to rounding. Rather than leave a credit/debit is there a more professional/acceptable way to handle this scenario?
Is it ok to adjust one of the invoice being paid, despite having "closed" off that month re reporting?  

Appreciate advice from others in same situation.



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If you're using the 'Receive Payments' function if there are no other outstanding amounts receivable for the customer the option to either 'Leave this as an underpayment' or to 'write off the extra amount will automatically appear.

If there are other amounts (invoices) receivable from this customer uncheck all of the invoices, and then re-cheque the invoice being paid. The same option should appear.

In case of overpayments the options will be to either 'Leave the credit to be used later' or 'Refund the amount to the customer'

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