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Salary sacrifice and Jobkeeper

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Hi All

I listened to a webinar, think it was this one 

COVID 19 as at 4th September & JK 2.0 the Fair Work Provisions & Calculating "Hours"

Sorry don't have my "other" diary in front of me and mention (very brief) was made that to report salary sacrifice of Jobkeeper extra steps need to be taken in the payroll.  Could anyone please enlighten me in the process as I have just been processing as per the setup for MYOB AR and sal sacrificing 100%.  This was pre EOPY as well.  So any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


kind regards


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Amounts applied under an effective salary sacrifice arrangement can count towards the JobKeeper payment with regard to satisfying the wage condition. JobKeeper is a reimbursement to you so any amounts you pay to your employee that are salary sacrificed can be reimbursed.

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