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Invoicing - a GST service

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Our business is registered for GST so we charge GST on our invocies ! we dont have exports.

Now we want to oncharge a South East Water charge we have paid so we invoiced the tenant + GST (thinking he can claim it back) he has quiered why GST on a GST free servcie.

I know I could treat it as a "re imbursement " gst free and credit it to the expense - but is that correct ?

Any feed back appreciated.

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Under the GST regime, an “invoice” or “tax invoice” means the tax invoice referred to in section 31 of the CGST Act, 2017. This section mandates issuance of invoice or a bill of supply for every supply of goods or services. It is not necessary that only a person supplying goods or services need to issue invoice.

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