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Jobkeeper Declaration Error

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I've accidentally overestimated a clients turnover Embarassed for April by including income from a Partnership distribution of 5K, however, coincidentally this month (May) there has been 5K of income which does need to be included in the monthly turnover.  I don't believe you can go in and revise the April figure, so given that the income for May is the same amount, should I just exclude the 5K from the May turnover as I have in effect already reported it in April?  After discussion with client, he is ok for me to omit 5k from May turnover, but I'm not sure about this approach.  Maybe I should call the ATO?  I'd appreciate some feedback on this please.

EDIT:  Just wanted to let you all know that I called the ATO and was able to sort this out over the phone, took about half an hour including waiting time.  The form I submitted with the incorrect April turnover was not able to be revised, a whole new form was created and lodged, no copy available, but I have the transaction ID number as reference and have penciled it, the date and the changed turnover on the original form I printed at the time of submission.  So if you make a significant error on turnover you need to call them.

Edited at 29 May 2020 02:50 AM GMT

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